Before applying to adopt one of our dogs, please ask yourself the following questions and read the statements below:

- Can you afford to have a dog?

Dogs are expensive. They get sick and can cost a lot of money. High quality food is expensive, training is expensive and vet care is expensive. You should plan your budget as if you were having another child.
- What will happen to your dog if something happens to you, rendering you unable to care for it?
We get many calls from people who do not want their parents' dogs for many reasons. Please plan for your dog's future should something happen to you. Your kids do not want them.
- You must be 25 and living independently in order to adopt.
If you are under 25, living at home or away at school, please have your parents complete the application.
- We do not adopt outside of our designated area. We adopt to all of South Carolina and most of North Carolina.
We must have a volunteer willing to conduct a home visit in that location. If you live in another state we will accept your application ONLY if you have a second home within our area. If you live outside our area, please visit the website of the National Rescue Committee of The Golden Retriever Club of America to locate a rescue in your area.
- Our application asks for two personal references and one vet reference.
If you do not have a vet you must supply three personal references who are NOT RELATED TO YOU. 
Effective January 1, 2021, there is a $25 fee to process your application. This fee is non-refundable and will go directly to the care of our Orphans. There are no exceptions. The fee is tax deductible.
Anyone wishing to adopt one of our Goldens must complete an adoption application.  As part of the application process, we will conduct a phone interview, check personal references and call your current and/or previous vets to verify that all previous or current pets are up to date on vaccines, altered, and on monthly heartworm prevention.  We will also  conduct a home visit before a final approval is given.  Once your home visit is complete and your application approved, we will invite you to meet a few Goldens that we believe will be a match for your family situation. It might take some time for us to call you because we do our best to make sure the dog is the right fit for your family and vice versa. We reserve the right to deny any application. 
When a Golden comes to us it is taken to the Vet for a complete physical exam to determine its specific needs. A treatment plan is then initiated, and the Golden is on its way to a healthy future. After a complete spa treatment the newcomer is ready for a warm, loving foster home. During this time the foster family is able to assess the
Golden's personality and determine the best possible home environment for that particular dog. Our Goldens stay with us for as long as it takes to find their perfect home. 

At the very least our Goldens are vaccinated, altered, tested and treated for   heartworms and microchipped before adoption. Adoption fees help to offset the cost  of care we provide our dogs, but many come to us sick or injured and require   extensive care, expensive diagnostic tests and/or surgery. Your donation is crucial to their treatment, recovery and rehabilitation. 
Adoption Fees
Puppies under 6 months: $450 
Dogs 6 months to Senior: $350

Seniors: $250


Beautiful Bella was bred to be a hunting dog and sold as a child's companion. She was forced to ride in the bed of the pickup and jumped off one day, dislocating her hip. A friend of the rescue learned that Bella's owner was planning to alleviate her pain by shooting her, and begged us to save her life.  We hadn't taken in any Labs before, and weren't sure if we'd be able to place her, but we agreed she needed us and we couldn't turn our backs on her. Her road to recovery was long and very expensive, but this charmer was worth every cent. We're thrilled to say that Bella is the favorite RA at the University Of Louisville School Of Law and is living The Golden Dream!